Scholarships 101 (or, how to get free money)

Let me begin by saying that I’m not wearing a green suit covered in question marks, nor will I end this post with an advertisement for some book.  I will, however, do my level best to show you how to earn free money – not from the government, but from your school.

At USM, there are two types of scholarships: those for students who are applying to USM for next year, and those for students who are already USM students with a GPA on the books.

If you’re looking to come here in the Fall of 2012 to start or finish an undergraduate degree, the first group of scholarships is for you.  The point person for those scholarships is Alicia Menard (, or 207.780.5670), and she works in the Office for Undergraduate Admission.  If you’re a graduate student in the same boat, give the Office for Graduate Admission a call at 207.780.4386 and they will point you in the right direction.

If you’re already a USM student and have a GPA here, the second group of scholarships is for you.  Scholarships for students across the university – for all majors, and for all grade levels – are searchable at this link.

Instructions for completing applications for these general scholarships are located here:

If you’re a graduate or undergraduate student with a GPA at USM, and are majoring in any of the available majors in the School of Business, the following link will take you to the page specifically for you:

The sad fact is that money is left on the table every year, simply because busy students don’t (or can’t) find time to apply.  Please help us award all of USM’s available scholarship money this year, and apply for at least one!

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